About Us

Our Yellow Bell team works hard throughout the year to provide high quality vegetables and herbs. With a diverse range of backgrounds, everyone brings something unique to our farm.

100_2655 Ann, owner
Ann, an RN, has a passion for growing healthy, nutritious vegetables and fruits. She is always finding fresh, creative ways to cook and enjoy the produce from Yellow Bell Farms and is our top sales-lady!
100_2651 Angela, owner

Angela wears many hats for Yellow Bell. In addition to growing and harvesting, Angela helps keep the books in order and the website up and running. Angela also loves experimenting with new plant and herb varieties and arranging flowers.

100_2659 Larry

Larry is retired after years of service with Winston Salem’s fleet maintenance. His mechanical mind keeps Yellow Bell’s tractors and equipment in tip-top shape, and he’s always tinkering with ways to improve production, like creating hydroponic systems.

100_2665 Kyle

When Kyle isn’t at his engineering job, he is weeding and picking alongside the rest of the Yellow Bell team, especially during the busy summer months.

100_2672 Holly

Holly is a great help to the Yellow Bell crew! She helps to set down landscaping fabric in the spring, and loves to drag any dead plants from the fields down to the woods. She is very fond of our fresh sweet corn and gladly helps to shuck a few ears for her snacks!