Lettuce seedlings

A few weeks ago I posted on our attempt to do hydroponic spinach. It was not a roaring success, and I think some of the issues were temperature (I put some in our sunroom, which gets quite warm, and they look like they’re trying to bolt) as well as lighting (the LED lights we tried using indoors don’t seem to be intense enough for the plants).

But we are still new to the hydroponics game and are still experimenting to see what setup works best for us. Last year we had good success with setting up floating beds outdoors in a shaded area, which seems now to be a good balance of temperature and lighting. Larry, our resident tinkerer, has set up a ‘nursery’ to get more hydroponic lettuces started and ready to transplant to the outdoor beds. Now that we’re entering spring, we can finally set up some floating beds outdoors without worrying about them freezing.

IMG_20160403_153547_084Here you can see the seedlings in the ‘nursery’. They’re not in  net cups yet — we’re just letting them take some time to develop stronger roots before transplanting them. That jungle-looking mass on the right is romaine, and there’s also some iceberg and buttercrunch slowly coming along.

I’m looking forward to a big salad in a few weeks! If you’re looking forward to spring salads as well, be sure to drop by the Peachtree Farmer’s Market at the Davie Medical Center in Bermuda Run.

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