Hydroponic Spinach

Last summer, Larry decided to try his hand out at growing some produce hydroponically. We set up a small floating bed, and we were all wowed by how well some of our plants grew in that medium. We had good success with head lettuce as well as basil.

100_2836This year, we all decided we wanted to experiment with hydroponic growing a bit more. I have a few containers set up indoors to see how early I could get a start on growing. I decided to try out spinach this spring. Two weeks ago, I transplanted spinach seedlings into the grow bed. After one week, you can just see the roots peeking out underneath the net cup. I was so excited to see those roots! Go spinach go!


100_2854What is most exciting about hydroponics (for me, anyway) is being able to not only look at the plant’s leaf growth, but their root growth as well. And boy do they grow! One week after the previous photo was taken the spinach roots were nearly a foot long.



Hopefully we’ll have spinach to harvest in another 2 weeks or so. Until then, I’m going to enjoy watching them mature and watching those roots take off!

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